Photography Tuition

Landscape Photography Tuition workshops, One to One or in a small group - I will work with you at an easy to understand pace, from beginner to the experienced photographer. We'll take a trip to local landscapes and practice techniques that will improve your skills and enhance your creative potential, I will show you how to get the best out of your camera and how to see and compose great images.

Normally I cover some or all of the following, but it's your time, so it all depends on your own requirements:

* Seeing good images
* Ideal Aperture/Shutter speed
* Focussing
* Perfect exposure
* Using the histogram
* Composition
* ISO and RAW files
* Best camera settings
* Advanced techniques
* Using Graduated ND filters
* Using polarising filters
* Shooting Panoramic images

I will drive you around, so that you can relax and enjoy your photography. Please bring a tripod your camera instruction manual and stout footwear (walking boots are ideal).
A Tripod and ND grad filters can be borrowed if required.


Full Days one to one Tuition (aprox 6 hours) £90
Small groups (up to 6 people) £60 groups per person.

To book, please Contact me by email at Stephen Elliott Photography (or ring me on 07816 869142) and I'll get back to you to organise some dates. Ideally, please suggest some dates that would suit you.